To meet the OrganiTrust ® circular economy and organic certification standards, a product or service must be responsibly sourced and processed with only the safest and highest-quality ingredients, components and methods, protecting both human health and our planet.

OrganiTrust ® certifies Products, Product Packaging and Services

OrganiTrust ® makes it possible to deliver products and services that are commercially viable and do not put the environment or public health at risk, through the implementation of circular economy and organic principles. OrganiTrust ® has created specific sets of standards for a range of human environment products and services, naming them according to the type of product or service. Our aim is to certify all human environment goods and services that can be made to OrganiTrust ® circular economy and organic principles. Items not currently included in the list are still in progress and will be ready soon. Should you not find the item(s) you were looking for, you are welcome to drop us a line and enquire about the time frame or ask to be notified when additional product or service standards are released.

OrganiTrust ® product groups:

OrganiTrust ® service groups:

  • Parking
  • Event Hire
  • Cleaning
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Catering
  • Care and Assisted Living
  • Health and Beauty
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Transport