Our mission at OrganiTrust ® is to encourage consumers to make better choices and urge sellers to offer better options. We help people to purchase with confidence by awarding the OrganiTrust ® mark only to products, brands and sellers truly committed to sustainability.


The OrganiTrust ® mark is an interactive trust mark that guarantees brand transparency for buyers in a consumer-friendly way. To be awarded and to maintain the authorisation for the use of our trust mark, all products and services are required to pass a rigorous assessment every year. The audit takes into account all aspects of sustainability, from governance to social and environmental impacts.

If you’re a seller, and you are committed or want to commit to sustainability, find out how to become a part of our growing community of trustworthy brands by starting your journey with OrganiTrust ®.


Protecting public health and the environment equally

The OrganiTrust ® certification scheme is the first in the world to provide proactive human and environmental health protection, applying the most stringent organic requirements in the form of circular economy regulations – the safest and most sustainable standards known worldwide. At OrganiTrust ®, we put public health and environmental impact first, before the needs of industry.

Insuring proactive human and environmental safety

The approach to public health and environmental protection taken by governments may be defined as backwards, given it is merely reactive. OrganiTrust ® adopts a different approach.

The Toxic Substances Control Act (1976) adopted the USA approved over 60,000 substances without any thorough safety testing. Likewise, the European Union (EU) regulator automatically approved over 30,000 substances without a full risk assessment, therefore considering them harmless until proven toxic. Often, by the time a direct causative link to toxicity is proven, it is unfortunately too late for those who have been exposed.

OrganiTrust ® audits all products and services in conformity with the Organics Council ®’s substance safety assessments and Approved Substance List (ASL) and the safest global circular economy regulations – the most comprehensive regulations on organics. According to the Organics Council ®‘s substance safety assessment protocol, nothing is safe until it is proven so, both for human beings and the whole planet.

Certifying to OrganiTrust ® circular economy standards – the most comprehensive worldwide organic certification for all goods and services

OrganiTrust ® is the first global initiative to certify the safety for human health and the environmental sustainability of products and services. This endeavour goes above and beyond any other safety standard, whether statutory or not, ensuring products and services are in conformity with the circular economy principles (or in other words, best organics principles) and the Organics Council ® circular economy regulations, thus more thorough than EU and USA statutory organic legislation.

Our standards are formulated in line with Organics Council ® regulations, making OrganiTrust ® certified products and services the safest possible for human health, as well as fully sustainable and environmentally friendly.

By only using products that display the OrganiTrust ® logo, you can make sure you are doing your best to protect yours, your family’s and the planet’s health.