Impartiality, complete independence from government and industry interests and no tolerance for corruption are some of the core values that OrganiTrust ® applies to all its operations and procedures. We abide by all laws and regulations applicable to our area of work, and we encourage all our collaborators to report to OrganiTrust ® immediately if they feel that a violation of our standards or any other regulation might have taken place or might occur in the future.

Once a report is submitted, it is forwarded to the OrganiTrust ® Certification Committee Director and Organics Council ® Science Committee Director. All reports are treated with strict confidentiality. While we encourage reporting individuals to provide their contact details, queries submitted anonymously will be analysed and investigated with the same level of accuracy. However, if the reporting individual does not identify him/herself, inspections might be more difficult, and OrganiTrust ® will not be able to share its findings directly with the whistleblowing person. All findings resulting from investigations are available in the annual whistleblower audit report.

If you would like to report a concern, please send us an email to