Public members are an irreplaceable part of our organisation, and we encourage you to join circular economy community via social project website in the work we support and actively help to make our world safer, healthier and fully sustainable.


Become a public member and enjoy:

  • Receiving the newsletter, containing the latest scientific information on healthy and sustainable living;
  • leading the discussion on how to best protect your loved ones’ and the whole planet’s health; every year, the three most active public members on forums are given a chance to be part of our external Audit Committee for full transparency and public empowerment (see Public Ambassadors on;
  • taking part in social campaigns to make the world around you safer (see Public Health Campaigns on;
  • getting direct access to and advice from expert scientists of the Organics Council ® Science Committee and a chance to ask questions about issues and/or ingredients/products you are concerned about.

Please support a safer world – get involved in social project

How to make Zero Waste to Landfill happen!

OrganiTrust certified product parts recycling routes, after you tried to reuse or repair

Compost Recycle via local council Recycle for money* Post to OrganiTrust**

* – recycle at your local metal scrap recyclers, that you find in a phone directory or via internet search;
** – at this moment only carrier DPD provides carbon neutral deliveries, please go to, and post to 211 Station Rd, London HA1 2TP;
only OrganiTrust certified plastics are proven to be fully recyclable and only such will be fully recycled.