OrganiTrust ® is the pilot worldwide certification scheme initiated by the Organics Council ® to apply comprehensive circular economy and organic regulations to products and services, in order to make them safe for both human beings and the planet, as it does not make sense to protect one and not the other.


OrganiTrust ®‘s impartiality, transparency and accountability are fundamental to the guiding principles of our conduct. The conduct of OrganiTrust ® is overseen by the Science Committee of the Organics Council ®, the first global comprehensive circular economy regulation and organics body. The Committees ensure that OrganiTrust ® maintains exceptional science and circular economy certification standards and provides services of highest quality, based on unbiased assessment.


Science Committee

Science Committee Director: Dr Esme Purdie

Esme completed a BSc (Hons) in Medical Biochemistry at King’s College London University in 2004, before moving on to complete a PhD focusing on natural toxins in freshwater aquatic systems. Since completing her PhD in Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Toxicology at Dundee University in 2010, Esme has worked as a research associate on a number of academic research projects, and as an environmental consultant on numerous environmental health and protection projects. These include the recovery of soil after toxic contamination and the sustainable, post-disaster use of land.

Dr Nikolay Kuryakin

Nikolay specialises in refractory non-metallic and silicate materials, particularly glass, glass-ceramics, vitreous enamels and protective coatings, and is a member of the Ukrainian Enamellers Association. After graduating with a master’s degree in Technology of Refractory Non-metallic and Silicate Materials, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute in 2009, Nikolay stayed at the Institute as a junior researcher. In 2013, he obtained a PhD with a thesis entitled “Easy-to-Clean and Self-Cleaning Calcium Borosilicate Glass-Composite Coatings for Domestic Heating Appliances”.

Dr Gonzalo Delgado

Gonzalo gained a BSc in Chemistry from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Spain in 2007, specialising in organic chemistry and biochemistry before obtaining a master’s degree from Lund University, Sweden, in Molecular Biology in 2008. His master’s project looked into the subject of telomere homeostasis using yeast as a model organism. In 2014, Gonzalo gained a PhD in Biomedicine from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Barcelona, focusing on the functional interaction between two cell membrane proteins implicated in cell-extracellular matrix adhesion, amino acid transport and cancer development in human cells. Gonzalo has participated in several international and Spanish congresses and workshops, including the Spanish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Federation of European Biochemical Societies Annual Congresses.

Dr Nicolas Goffette

Nicolas gained a BSc and an MSc in Molecular Biology from the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, in 2005 and 2007 respectively. His master’s project looked into the intracellular traffic of mRNPs involved in the post-transcriptional control of the TNF-alpha mRNA. In 2013, Nicolas gained a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Institute of Molecular and Medicine Biology in Gosselies, Belgium; the project was focused on the characterisation of regulatory mechanisms of TNF-alpha production by anti-inflammatory compounds within immune cells.


Certification Committee Director: Dr. Dilys Edwards 

MICA Certificate (pdf download)

Dilys began her career by working in a research laboratory for a fertiliser company whilst studying Chemistry part time in Ipswich. She then studied Nutrition and Naturopathy at Sussex University and in 1985 was granted the PhD in Child Nutrition. Before changing careers to work in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries, she obtained further qualifications in Quality Management. Dilys’ various roles have included many forms, ranging from reviewing for approval New Drug applications and Clinical Trial Exemption applications to the FDA, to being the main author of site Quality Manuals and protocols including health and safety, production, laboratory analysis, raw material quality and various routine scientific reports.

PR Director: Alice Fogliata Cresswell

Alice obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Languages and Communication from Uninsubria University (Lake Como, Italy) in 2008. After an internship at the Italian Embassy in Beijing, she earned her Master’s Degree in Development Studies from SOAS (University of London, United Kingdom) in 2010. While travelling and volunteering in South East Asia, she also studied towards an MBA with Campus Universitario Europeo (Spain), which she earned in 2017.

Alice has been working in international contexts since 2010, operating in several countries including Italy, UK, USA, Switzerland, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Norway. She started her career as a communications assistant at the London International Development Centre and eventually joined the Editorial Unit of the United Nations in Bangkok, where she worked until January 2018.
Alice is also a freelance editor, proofreader and writer who has the privilege of working with outstanding international teams from anywhere in the world.