Undergoing the certification audit may feel like an overwhelming and complicated task. On the contrary, it is a straightforward process, and the expert staff of OrganiTrust ® will be available and ready to quickly respond to your requests and questions. We can help you to prepare your application documents and solve any issues that may arise in the process.


OrganiTrust ® Certification & Approval Tiers

* – unless a whole product is approved by OrganiTrust ® and readily bears the B2C product label, the OrganiTrust ® trademark circular logo may be used only on OrganiTrust ® approved product parts and where this logo may be indelibly stamped onto the OrganiTrust ® approved product part; providing an indelible stamp is not feasible, the OrganiTrust ® trademark approval sign/s may be used only in the B2B marketing material and next to the approved product or its parts;
** – a ‘Distributor’ is an entity that does not process, although may label and/or package, and only distributes products to B2C customers, and products of such applicants must be audited at the point of processing as well, whereby all other B2B distribution entities and/or premises shall be audited as part of the audit and accounted for as additional processing premises; no further audits apply in the supply chain once a finished product is indelibly marked with OrganiTrust ® certification approval sign;
additional premises inspection fees apply (see OrganiTrust ® fee schedule);
*** – subject to service provision core products, e.g. the cars for circular economy certified taxi service, being certified to OrganiTrust ® or other Organics Council ® approved equivalent circular economy standards.


The circular economy certification process may be summarised into the following stages:

1. Preparation

At this stage, the prospective licensee must familiarise with the requirements of relevant OrganiTrust ® standards.

Full product processing and constituency reports, including a product description report (PDR) and a hazard and risk assessment (HRA), are required to be filed together with the application submission. PDR and HRA templates inclusive of detailed guides on how to fill them out are provided for your convenience, and our staff are happy to advise you if you have any further queries.

Should you struggle with any part of the pre-application document filling, we provide free consultation upon submission of the application and payment of the application fee. The OrganiTrust ® staff will be available to lead you through every step of the circular economy certification process.

2. Application

The application submission takes place online, and you can monitor the progress of your application in real time, from the moment you apply through to the certification issue. Once OrganiTrust ® has reviewed and approved your documents, your application will be progressed to the next audit stage: product processing audit (for goods certification) or service delivery audit (for service certification).

A certification case officer will be assigned to your application. The officer will contact you to discuss and review the application details and will arrange the site visit to audit the goods or service delivery at your premises.

3. Product processing audit (for goods certification) and service delivery audit (for service certification)

An OrganiTrust ® agent will visit your premises to perform an audit and complete a site inspection report to establish if your procedures and conduct conform to our standards.

4. Product audit (for goods certification only)

The OrganiTrust ® certification case officer will contact you to arrange a place and time for the product sampling. We will collect the samples and send them to an ISO 17020 accredited laboratory to be examined in accordance with the OrganiTrust ® Standard requirements that pertain to the specific product being audited.

5. Corrective actions (on goods processing/sampling or service delivery audit results)

If any procedures or products fail the OrganiTrust ® Standard requirements audited, you are provided with a summary report of non-conformities. You are given a maximum of three months to submit a corrective action plan for the certification case officer approval and to implement the corrective actions to be ready for the re-audit.

6. Certification

Once the audits are passed successfully, your application will be reviewed for approval by the OrganiTrust ® Certification Committee in an impartial and transparent manner. In case of approval, the applicant will be issued with an OrganiTrust ® product or service certification license valid for one year (subject to maintenance of OrganiTrust ® Standard requirements). You will then be able to use the OrganiTrust ® certification sign on goods or services that are issued the OrganiTrust ® certification licence, pursuant to the OrganiTrust ® logo usage terms.

7. Certification standards assurance

After your product or service has achieved certification, OrganiTrust ® will perform regular checks to ensure your certified goods or services continue to meet OrganiTrust ® standards. The certification must be renewed annually, and every renewal is treated as a new application. However, as long as the safety and sustainability standards are maintained at all times, the renewal process is simpler and quicker, with the majority of the paperwork being available from the initial audit.

We carry out an unannounced inspection at least once a year to monitor consistency of compliance with the OrganiTrust ® standards.

We may perform additional inspections if changes are made to the certified product, its formulation or the processes used, or if OrganiTrust ® has issued alterations to its standards or risk assessment process, due to changes in legislation, regulations or current scientific knowledge.