Be zero impact.
Be unique.

“The latest marketing strategies based on sinking millions into the idol story adverts behind unsustainable products will in the end unravel once consumers get educated. In the long run, the competitive edge will be based on who is quickest at making one’s products and services fully circular and, thus, the most attractive to evolving buyers.”

J Stanius, Sr.



Almost three-out-of-four buyers are willing to pay extra for circular economy certified products and services

When it comes down to buyer financial commitment, a sustainable sentiment shifts to one of increased social awareness and responsibility. Marketers need to connect messaging with the causes that matter most to consumers and that also align with their brand.” says Grace Farraj, SVP, Public Development & Sustainability, Nielsen Market Research group.


  • 66% of global respondents say they’re willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact, up from 55% in 2014, and 50% in 2013.
  • The percentage of measured sales that come from brands using both product claims and integrated sustainability marketing promotions is much higher in developed markets than in developing countries.
  • Brands that use a claim plus a marketing sustainability approach comprise a majority of sales measured in the following categories: Baby food (85%), coffee (78%), tea (61%) and snacks (60%).



Only the OrganiTrust ® gives you all-in-one top sustainability purchase drivers

Gain a unique competitive edge

Thanks to its affiliation with the Organics Council ® and its comprehensive circular economy and organic regulations, only OrganiTrust ® has the means to fully audit and certify both human and environmental safety at once.

Gain the right to claim your products and services are totally organic, in compliance with circular economy principles and OrganiTrust ® assured in terms of safety and full sustainability, instead of relying on terms the whole world uses and sometimes abuses such as ‘sustainable’ or ‘recyclable’.

Build long-term value to business and public

OrganiTrust ® is a non-governmental and independent organisation that is not connected to nor influenced by government and industry or its affiliations. We guarantee a transparent and independent approach in every aspect of our work and to every client; all products and services are impartially and transparently certified to meet the most robust worldwide circular economy and organic regulations. Laboratory testing is carried out exclusively by laboratories that comply with ISO 17020 standards (please see the list here). The impeccable quality and transparency of OrganiTrust ® and its commitments are attested by ISO 9001 meeting quality management system and the upcoming ISO 17065 accreditation.

Act before statutory changes and prevent breaches

The comprehensive safety and sustainability standards established by OrganiTrust ® are the most robust worldwide, exceeding those of any national government or industry. OrganiTrust ® certified products therefore meet and exceed all statutory regulations currently in place anywhere in the world. Why wait for statutory changes and react when you can plan ahead and gain competitive edge immediately?

Boost consumer confidence worldwide

OrganiTrust ® certification promotes your product and service on a global scale by gaining customer trust internationally. Obtaining OrganiTrust ® certification will help you market your product or service worldwide as being totally compliant with circular economy and organic principles, and therefore completely safe and fully sustainable.