Certify your products and services to OrganiTrust ® standards, conforming with the Organics Council ® circular economy and organic regulations, and display the OrganiTrust ® certification sign of approval on sustainability and safety.



OrganiTrust ® Certification & Approval Tiers

circular economy certification

* – unless a whole product is approved by OrganiTrust ® and readily bears the B2C product label, the OrganiTrust ® trademark circular logo may be used only on OrganiTrust ® approved product parts and where this logo may be indelibly stamped onto the OrganiTrust ® approved product part; providing an indelible stamp is not feasible, the OrganiTrust ® trademark approval sign/s may be used only in the B2B marketing material and next to the approved product or its parts;
** – a ‘Distributor’ is an entity that does not process, although may label and/or package, and only distributes products to B2C customers, and products of such applicants must be audited at the point of processing as well, whereby all other B2B distribution entities and/or premises shall be audited as part of the audit and accounted for as additional processing premises; no further audits apply in the supply chain once a finished product is indelibly marked with OrganiTrust ® certification approval sign;
additional premises inspection fees apply (see OrganiTrust ® fee schedule);
*** – subject to service provision core products, e.g. the cars for circular economy certified taxi service, being certified to OrganiTrust ® or other Organics Council ® approved equivalent circular economy standards.


Here is a quick test to find out if a product (or a service that uses that product) may gain OrganiTrust ® certification approval:

a) the product is made of parts the end user may take apart oneself ready for recycling (except for goods that can be sent back to the seller for recycling);

b) all substances in the final product are present (otherwise subject to the request to be assessed) on the Organics Council ® Approved Substance List.

Apply online now and take the first steps towards certification; it is fast and straightforward, and we will guide you through the entire process.